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Frodsham and District Wildfowlers Club was the fourth wildfowling club in Britain, being formed on 2nd April 1938.
The first meeting was held at the house of Dr James on the Rock in Frodsham and 23 people attended. Dr James was elected Chairman of Frodsham and District Wildfowlers Club and subsequent Cheshire wildfowlers owe much to this man. His first act as chairman was to ensure that a Cheshire by-law banning all shore shooting was annulled. Shooting on the foreshore was stopped until the end of the Second World War due to the marsh being used as a defence area (there is sill an old machine gun turret on the marsh).
The club rented 3000 acres of shooting rights from the River Weaver to the Holpool Gutter and between Manchester Ship Canal (built in 1894) and M56 motorway (built in 1971). In recent years, the club has purchased over 200 acres between Brook Furlong and the River Weaver, protecting the shooting rights on this area. A portion of the land has been put into conservation stewardship to increase wildlife to the area.