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There is a waiting list to become a junior or associate member of Frodsham & District Wildfowlers Club which is opened up every year during the summer months.

There are two ways in which you can get your name added to the waiting list: sponsorship by an existing member of the Club. 

On becoming a member you will be informed about the organised working parties held on many weekends. Attending them is a good way to meet other members and become familar with the land that Frodsham & District Wildfowlers own and rent. You can also attend organised marsh walks just before the season starts. Equipment required for wildfowling includes: watch, compass, waders, wading stick, warm clothes, decoys, tide table, mobile phone, gun, ruck sack.

Our e-mail address is: membership@frodshamwildfowlers.co.uk

Frodsham & District Wildfowlers Club has a thriving junior section run by several of the club's members.

The juniors are taught fieldcraft; gun handling and safety by BASC qualified coaches; conservation and species recognition - try the quiz and see how you compare against the juniors.

During the summer months the juniors are required to attend BASC Young Shots days and help out at country fairs around the North West to promote Frodsham & District Wildfowlers.

As a reward, in 2004 the juniors were given a flight pond to shoot twice a month between September and November under supervision of parents and shooting coaches. Each year the flight pond requires a lot of work to make sure safe shooting can be carried out before the start of the season and the juniors are always the first to get stuck into the work.